Pet System Rework & More

Balance Changes

  • Blade Warriors
    • The Kronos Sword has had its base damage reduced by 100 (now it’s 1900-2300).
    • The Kronos Sword gives a total of 99 less AP from Physical Damage (this ap reduction was spread across all levels, 1-20).
    • The Kronos Sword gives a total of 142 less AP from Physical Skill Damage (this ap reduction was spread across all levels, 1-20).
  • Archers
    • The Artemis set now gives 1.5% more physical defense (0.5% for each Sleevelet, and 0.5% for the Garb).
  • Red Mages
    • Red Mages now gain 1.2 AP from the Yellow stat up until 534 Yellow.
  • White/Yellow Mages
    • We are now considering White Magic Item buffs as a neutral support option for both Blue Mages and Red Mages. However, they will continue to have some unique buffs and some shared buffs depending on your real class (Blue or Red).
      • This means that both Red Mages and Blue Mages will require White Magic (not Yellow) for using their support buffs.
    • Mages will not receive an AP bonus from White Magic, you are now essentially sacrificing AP for the ability to support your party (no matter if you are a Blue or Red Mage).
    • Blue Mages will no longer have access to the following White Mage Buffs. Please note that we have simply disabled these buffs and made them not able to be traded. If you have a large stockpile of these buffs, we will refund the equivalent costs of the buffs, once you open a ticket providing us with their whereabouts.
      • Party MP Heal
      • Party HP Heal
      • Party MP Up
      • Party HP Up
      • Party MP Regen
      • Party HP Regen
    • Red Mages now have a Hit Rate buff.
    • Cure Black Touch cooldown has been increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
    • The White Magic stat requirements of each buff has been changed.
      • Blue Mages
        • Dodge Rate: 200 White + 50 White Per Level
        • Base Physical Defense: 300 White + 50 White Per Level
        • Base Magic Defense: 300 White + 50 White Per Level
        • Percent Physical Defense: 350 White + 50 White Per Level
        • Percent Magic Defense: 350 White + 50 White Per Level
        • Anti-Stun: 400 White + 50 White Per Level
        • Cure Stun: 850 White
        • Cure Black Touch: 900 White
      • Red Mages
        • Move Speed: 200 White + 50 White Per Level
        • Attack Speed: 300 White + 50 White Per Level
        • Hit Rate: 350 White + 50 White Per Level
        • Attack Power: 350 White + 50 White Per Level
        • Anti-Stun: 400 White + 50 White Per Level
        • Cure Stun: 850 White
        • Cure Black Touch: 900 White

Lunar Festival Changes

  • The event has been extended until March 4th.
  • Event Box
    • An Event Box has been added in the middle of Ladianes, it can be used once a day to gain 1 Lunar Festival Pouch.
  • Buffs
    • For the remainder of the Lunar Festival, players can gain the bonus of the following Fubb Events:
      • Experience Buff
      • Pet Experience Buff
      • Production Experience Buff
  • Ox King
    • The Ox King now has a 90% chance to spawn instead of a 40%.
    • The Red Packet drop from the Ox King now attempts to be dropped for everyone in the party.
    • The Ox King’s Clonium Equipment drops now vary from levels 6-9.


  • Clonium Gems now lock to the player for a duration of time (their name appears red for other players).
  • The drop rate of Clonium & Clonium Choice Gems have been slightly increased again. Please note that the drop rate is not meant to be better than Pet Island, it SHOULD be lower as this is what incentivizes PvP within the Island System.

Pet Island Changes

  • The Guardian of the Island no longer moves and is solid.
  • The drop rate of Clonium & Clonium Choice Gems have been slightly increased.

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed a localization issue when sending or accepting party invites during the Hau Event.
  • We’ve fixed the localization for Tormac and added the missing instance descriptions.
  • We’ve fixed a bug where the chests in Delphiroth Floor 4 said that you received a reward, even though you did not on the Mystic Server.

Pet System Changes

  • The Pet System has had a huge overhaul and can still be accessed by pressing the “F” key.
  • The Pet Collection Interface displays all the pets that are currently available in game.
    • Pets with a white name are pets that you own.
    • Pets with a gray name are pets that you do not own.
  • Purchasing Pets
    • Most (not all) pets can be purchased using the Pet Collection.
    • Pet prices are listed in the collection, but generally are priced at 350 TC.
    • We’ve removed the Pet Mutation Perk from our website.
    • You can preview pets in the new interface, but please be advised that sizes are not accurate and most pets have been enlarged to allow for better viewing.
  • Pet Stats
    • Pet Re-stats are now free.
    • Please note due to how Pet Stats have changed, you will have to re-stat all of your stats when you login.
    • You now re-stat your pet points via the Pet Collection Interface instead of via Hyna.
    • Please note you can stat/un-stat 10 points at a time by right clicking the "+" or "-" buttons.
    • Players now receive the pet stats related to the level of their highest level living pet (even if that pet is not currently summoned).
      • This means you can purchase a new pet, but still receive the benefits of your level 100 pet as long as it is alive and is in the Pet Collection.
      • This also means that you are able to level a NEW pet after you have already made a level 100 Pet and not miss out on any stat bonuses.
    • Reviving Pets
      • When your pet faints or starves, it no longer goes into your Inventory/Equipment. Instead, it simply stays in your Pet Collection and is unusable until you revive it.
      • Fainted/Starved Pets are now revived via the Pet Interface.
      • If your pet faints (you die with your pet out) or is starved (you forgot to feed it) the Pet Interface will show a “Revive Pet” button.
      • When you try to revive a pet, a prompt will appear telling you how much it will cost (depends on your pet’s level and if it is starved or fainted).
    • Renaming Pets
      • Pet Renaming is now done via the Pet Collection Interface.
      • When you try to rename a pet, a prompt will appear telling you how much it will cost (10 TC).
    • Caging/Trading Pets
      • Players can still trade pets by using the “Cage Pet” button in the Pet Collection Interface.
      • Caging a pet will convert your pet into a Pet Cage item in your inventory.
      • You can then trade the Pet Cage to other players and they can unlock that pet in their Pet Collection by double clicking the Pet Cage.
      • When you try to cage a pet, a prompt will appear asking if you are sure you want to cage it.
    • Existing Pets
      • If you had a pet summoned prior to this update, it has automatically been added to your pet collection.
      • If you had a Pet Cage (Alive, Fainted, or Starved) in your inventory, warehouse, or equipment it can be double clicked to be added to your collection or traded to other users. Note that if the pet was fainted or starved, once used it will still need to be revived in the Pet Collection Interface before it can be summoned.
      • If you experience an issue with your old pets, please open a Support Ticket.
    • New Pets
      • You can purchase a White Reaper in the Pet Collection interface.
      • The Nudie Monkey Boss has been added to the Pet Boss Event rotation. It has a chance of dropping a Nudie Monkey Egg.

New Pet System




  • You can't restat your pet within 10 seconds of combat.
  • Reviving Fainted Pets now costs 1 TC no matter what level you are.
  • Fixed an issue that caused various pets to be hidden to users.
  • Boss Pets are no longer able to be purchased.
  • Pet Revive Waters & Water of Eternal Lifes now work, simply convert your fainted/starved pet into a Pet Cage to use them.

  • Mystic Server
  • Triumphus Server

Player Rankings

Rank Name PK Points
1 Cupid - Death 4571
2 Rea - Flex 4116
3 Pure - Flex 2547
4 Pluto - see_you_again 1857
5 QWER - GG 1661
6 Elapse - Legends_Never_Die 1651
7 P1uto - see_you_again 1525
8 SmiLe - 1494
9 Xiaoqq - Merciless 1422
10 Tynril - Flex 1035
11 DemonesS - Just_For_Fun 1012
12 Cat - 1007
13 Aso_Nozomi - Merciless 1001
14 NaiveBlue - Death 964
15 McFlurry - Flex 885
16 Dante - Death 841
17 CarPeDieM - Flex 812
18 llllllllll - Flex 798
19 xAryax - Flex 796
20 StevieWonderBR - 705
21 VeRN - _Homeless_ 676
22 Saibot - Flex 638
23 Annex - Elysian 612
24 OVER_9000_DEX - Legends_Never_Die 592
25 Xavier - BRB_WIFE_ESCAPED 515
26 RazieL - Blood 508
27 Slacker - 492
28 Al0NS0 - Death 490
29 Cynex - BRB_WIFE_ESCAPED 476
30 jupiler - _Homeless_ 465
31 LokTar - Death 450
32 Depths - Death 449
33 AlONSO - Merciless 399
34 Riptide - Death 391
35 Cx_Attila - Death 356
36 Loosey_Goosey - _Homeless_ 353
37 Stun - HONEY 313
38 Asura - 308
39 Netflix - 280
40 Dynamix - Legends_Never_Die 279
41 metamorphosis - Death 277
42 shuaa - Gods_of_Arena 246
43 Cobra - GoV 244
44 Cain - Death 242
45 buetti - Flex 242
46 STATIC_BM - EpidemiC 238
47 WGA - TheProfessional 235
48 Kush - Elevate 231
49 ESSE - Paengsu 229
50 XiaoTY - Death 216

Tribe Rankings

Rank Name PK Points
1 Flex 12445
2 Death 9426
3 see_you_again 3382
4 Merciless 3177
5 Legends_Never_Die 2553
6 GG 1756
7 _Homeless_ 1681
8 Just_For_Fun 1125
9 EpidemiC 1082