Lunar Festival & Updates

Lunar Festival Event

  • The Lunar New Year is quickly approaching, and Turf Battles is ready to celebrate!
  • From now until February 26 players can take advantage of the following events, rewards, and offers:
    • Lunar Festival – Year of the Ox Quest
      • Tormac (in Ladianes) has heard of an Ox King that has been terrorizing heroes inside of various dungeon instances (Rampao Temple Floor 2, Frozenland, and Catastropha Room).
      • Speak to Tormac to start the Lunar Festival Quest.
      • This quest can be repeated once every 6 hours and requires the players complete instances before the bonus time expires.
        • If you complete the instance before the bonus time expires, there is a 40% chance that the Ox King will appear in your dungeon.
        • Note that the Ox King appears at the last boss of each dungeon.
          • Frozenland: Yeshi Location
          • Rampao Temple Floor 2: Venom Creature King Location
          • Catasropha Room: Vice Queen Location
    • Ox King Mask
      • Players can unlock the Ox King Mask by collecting 50 Red Packets.
      • The mask will only be able to be unlocked during the Lunar Festival.
    • Ox Pet
      • An Ox Pet option has been added to the Pet Mutation Perk on our website, this will only be available during the event.
    • Fireworks
      • Players can buy fireworks from the Firework Merchant (near Pet Hotel in Ladianes) until the Lunar Festival ends.


Balance Changes

  • Fist Warrior
    • We have increased the base AP of the Hyperion Gauntlet by 200.
  • Blue Mage
    • White Shield is now called Black Shield again and requires 700 Black to use, not 600 white.
    • Blue Mages no longer receive AP from White Magic points.
    • Black Touch has been modified to help with balancing between Black/Red mages.
      • If you need a further explanation as to why, please read the “Black Touch Change Explained” section.
      • Black Touch now has the following effects:
        • Reduce Flat Magic Defense by 375 (this hasn’t changed)
        • Reduce Percent Magic Defense by 6%.
        • Increase damage from ICE attacks by 6%. 
  • Red Mage
    • Red Mages no longer receive AP from yellow magic points.
    • The amount of AP gained from Red has been increased from 1.5 to 1.6, because removing AP from Yellow AND reducing Black Touch effect leaves them weaker than expected.
    • Please note that due the extent of the Black Touch & Yellow changes, Red Mages may require a bit of tweaking. Something that we will do based on player feedback.
  • Archer
    • The “Gnome” buff has had it’s MDEF bonus reduced to 6% instead of 10% to match the MDEF buff of other classes.
    • Starting at 800 DEX, Archers now gain 2AP per DEX instead of 1.9.


Clonium Gems

  • We have increased the drop rate of Clonium and Clonium Choice gems in Delphiroth Floor 5, please note there is still a higher chance to get these gems on the Islands (as this is the intention).


Other Changes

  • Subscription Buffs can now be traded, but require an active Subscription to use.
  • You can now craft Grade 1, 2, 3, and 4 Arrows using the Crafting System.
  • The Pet Boss Event drop table has been revamped to include the new Clonium and Clonium related items.
    • We’ve added Clonium & Clonium Choice gem drops.
    • We’ve increased the drop rate of Supreme Clonium gems dropping (including Supreme Clonium Choice Gems).
    • Clonium Equipment now drops from this event with 1-4 stats at levels 7-12.


Bug Fixes

  • We fixed some minor localization issues.
  • We fixed an issue with level 2 and level 3 white mage physical defense buffs that caused them to give more defense then intended.
    • We’ve issued bans to users who were exploiting this bug. The ban duration reflects how often users were exploiting this bug without reporting it.
      • 30+ Uses: 3 Day Ban
      • 50+ Uses: 5 Day Ban
      • 100+ Uses: 10 Day Ban
      • Please note that previous ban durations have been reduced/removed as we incorrectly measured the amount of times users were using the bugged scrolls due to the buffs cooldowns.
  • G4 Eonic Weapons now require level 276+ to equip.


Upcoming Pet System Changes

  • We’re always coming out with new pets for players to collect and showoff, but it’s getting to the point where players simply don’t have enough room for all their pets! Not only that, but they need to level up every single pet to level 100 in order have the full benefit of each pet. We’ve decided to change this!
  • We are developing a fancy new Pet Interface and system that will house ALL of your pets. The new system will allow you to:
    • See what pets you own, and don’t own.
    • Purchase new pets, this will replace the Pet Mutation perk.
    • View pet specific information (such as type, color, level, hunger, and current experience)
    • Summon/Dismiss an active pet.
    • Rename pets.
    • Allocate & Reallocate pet points.
    • Revive Feinted and/or Starved pets
    • Convert a pet into a Pet Cage.
      • Pet cages can be traded to players and once a player uses a Pet Cage, that pet will be added to their Available Pets list at that specific level.
    • Assign Pet Stat points globally based on your highest-level pet.
      • This means if you own a level 100 pet, you could purchase an Ox pet at level 1 and you will still gain the stat point rewards of a level 100 pet!
      • Even though you receive the bonus of your level highest level pet, if you have a different pet active (like a level 1), it still gains EXP and levels up!
    • We hope to have this out before the Chinese New Year Event ends.


Black Touch Change Explained

  • We’ve been receiving a lot of complaints over the last week about how mages are inherently stronger than physical classes.
  • We looked at both Blue/Red Mages, and we did NOT see this problem directly. However, what we did notice is that players are usually prioritizing their upgrades towards physical defense.
    • For example, they make a 16 Defense armor with only 12 or 13 Magic Defense.
    • This of course would make it so you will be taking much larger magic damage because you chose to prioritize upgrading to 16 def instead of something like a 14/14 or 15/15 armor.
  • However, we do see a problem with mages, this problem has always been there and keeps reappearing in different forms. The problem is Black Touch.
    • The Problem
      • Blue Mages naturally have less ap than Red Mages, this is negated by using the skill “Black Touch”. Black Touch currently reduces any magic damage taken by 375 and then further reduces it by 12%.
      • Black touch is essential for Blue Mages to be viable. However, it makes most Red Mages inherently strong while Black Touch is active. In the past, this problem has resulted in Red Mages having low AP and essentially needing a Blue Mage around to debuff before they can do any real damage. Now the problem is when a Blue mage is around, Red Mages do large amounts of damage.
    • The Solution
      • Black Touch now reduces magic damage by 375 + reduces magic damage by 6% + increases ICE attack damage by 6%.
      • This means that Blue Mages will continue to receive a 12% damage increase while Black Touch is active, but Red Mages will only receive a 6% damage increase.

  • Mystic Server
  • Triumphus Server

Player Rankings

Rank Name PK Points
1 Cupid - Death 4675
2 Rea - Flex 4288
3 Pure - Flex 2565
4 Pluto - see_you_again 1857
5 NO_0 - Death 1706
6 Elapse - Kingsman 1651
7 P1uto - see_you_again 1525
8 SmiLe - 1494
9 Xiaoqq - Merciless 1421
10 Tynril - Flex 1219
11 McFlurry - Flex 1161
12 DemonesS - Just_For_Fun 1012
13 Cat - 1007
14 Aso_Nozomi - Merciless 1001
15 NaiveBlue - Death 964
16 xAryax - Flex 963
17 Dante - Merciless 872
18 llllllllll - Flex 821
19 CarPeDieM - Flex 812
20 StevieWonderBR - Merciless 705
21 VeRN - _Homeless_ 683
22 Saibot - Flex 659
23 Annex - Elysian 612
24 OVER_9000_DEX - Legends_Never_Die 592
25 Xavier - BRB_WIFE_ESCAPED 515
26 RazieL - Blood 508
27 Slacker - Royal 492
28 Al0NS0 - Death 480
29 Cynex - BRB_WIFE_ESCAPED 476
30 jupiler - _Homeless_ 465
31 Depths - Merciless 456
32 LokTar - Death 448
33 AlONSO - Merciless 397
34 Loosey_Goosey - _Homeless_ 357
35 Cx_Attila - 356
36 Riptide - Kingsman 343
37 Stun - HONEY 313
38 Asura - 308
39 Kazpyr - Kingsman 298
40 HipoCrateS - 290
41 Cain - Death 285
42 Dynamix - Legends_Never_Die 279
43 buetti - Flex 271
44 XiaoTY - Death 269
45 R2D2 - Kingsman 265
46 metamorphosis - Death 259
47 shuaa - Gods_of_Arena 246
48 Cobra - GoV 244
49 STATIC_BM - EpidemiC 238
50 WGA - TheProfessional 235

Tribe Rankings

Rank Name PK Points
1 Flex 13551
2 Death 9425
3 Merciless 5125
4 see_you_again 3382
5 Kingsman 2676
6 _Homeless_ 1692
7 Just_For_Fun 1124
8 EpidemiC 1082
10 Legends_Never_Die 902