Properly installing the game can be quite easy and it can be quite difficult depending on your computer. This guide will guide you through all the steps necessary to install your game without any problems.

Note: Turf Battles, or the Eonic Games Launcher cannot be run on Mac, Android or iOS devices.

Step 1 - Register

You can register a new account by clicking the below button. This is a requirement to log-into the Eonic Games Launcher.

Register Now

Step 2 - Downloading

The game can be downloaded from our download page, you can visit that page by clicking the "DOWNLOAD NOW" button below.

Currently the only pre-requisites for installing the Eonic Games Launcher, and Game, are that you satisfy the system requirements found on the download page, and you are using Windows 7 64 bit, or above. All dependencies are installed when you install the game through the Eonic Games Launcher.

game download page

Step 3 - Preparing For Installation

If you encounter any issues during or after the setup process, it may be necessary to add exclusions for the game files within your Anti Virus software and Windows Defender. Exclusions allow these programs to ignore certain files, allowing the game installer to run without interference.

To add exclusions for Windows Defender, please refer to our Windows Defender Guide. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to add exclusions for specific files or folders within Windows Defender.

Similarly, if you are using a different Anti Virus program, you may also need to add exclusions for the game files. Our File Exclusions Guide provides instructions on how to add exclusions for various Anti Virus software.

By adding these exclusions, you can ensure that the game installer and its associated files are not flagged by your Anti Virus software or Windows Defender, allowing you to successfully install the launcher and game.

Step 4 - Installing the Eonic Games Launcher

To install the file, simply locate it in your browser's downloads directory or wherever you have saved it, and click to execute it. Then, follow the step-by-step instructions provided, which include clicking "Next >" and carefully reading and agreeing to our privacy policy and terms of service. The image sequence below can help guide you through the installation process.

eonic games installer step 1

Select the directory that you would like to install the Eonic Games Launcher, it is recommended to keep it in ProgramData. Press "Next >".

installer step 2

Choose the version of the Eonic Games Launcher to install (64-bit), and press "Next >".

installer step 3

Read and Accept the Terms of Service by clicking the checkbox where it says "I accept the license.", and press "Next >".

installer step 4 terms

Choose a name for the Start Menu shortcut, and press "Next >".

installer step 5 start menu shortcut

The installer will tell you that it is ready to begin installing the Eonic Games Launcher, ensure you have enough disk space, and press "Install".

installer step 6 estimate

The Eonic Games Launcher will then begin installing.

installer step 7 installing

If you do not have the required Visual Studio 2017 Redistributables, you will need to press "OK" and follow the instructions to install.

installer step  8 redistributables

A Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 installer will appear, read, and agree to the license terms and conditions and press "Install".

installer step 9 visual 2017

When prompted, please grant permission for the application to make changes to your device by clicking on "Yes". Afterward, the installation process will proceed and eventually complete successfully.

installer step 10 uac installer step 11 success

When the installation is complete, ensure that you have checked the "Run Eonic Games Launcher" checkbox, and press "Finish".

installer step 12 run launcher

If the launcher doesn't show up right away, please try to click the Eonic Games icon in the taskbar, or double click the Eonic Games icon in the system tray.

step 13 taskbar

Upon launching the Eonic Games Launcher for the first time, it may require an update. To initiate the update process, click on the "UPDATE" button. The launcher will then proceed to download the latest patch and subsequently be up to date.

step 14 update step 15 updated


Step 5 - Installing Turf Battles

Before logging in, please ensure that the Eonic Games Launcher is open and updated to the latest version.

step 16 login

Click the "GAMES" button on the Eonic Games Launcher, click "Turf Battles", and press "DOWNLOAD NOW".

step 18 download now

The installation will begin, wait for this to finish, if the download is not completing or progressing, try to use a VPN.

step 19 install progress

Once complete, Turf Battles is then installed, you may now click the "PLAY NOW" button to launch Turf Battles.

step 20 play now

Step 6 - Launching & Patching

We regularly update the launcher and the game, this means that the launcher and game client will need to be updated every so often. This process is completed automatically when you start the launcher, login, and/or start the game.