New System, Grade 4 Weapons, and more!

Hello everyone, we are updating the Test Server today with quite a few changes. Please take note that ONLY the Test Server is being updated today. Providing the update goes smoothly and player feedback is positive, we will be updating the Mystic and Triumphus servers in one or two days.


Grade 4 Eonic Weapons

  • Grade 4 Eonic Weapons will be going on to the live server after this update passes through the test server phase. If you have further testing to do, we suggest you do it quickly.
  • We have added the "Grade 3 and 4 Eonic Switcher" back to the Turf Shop.


Fantastic Gems

  • We have increased the Maximum Fantastic Gem usage using the Fantastic Limit Breaker Gem to 4, instead of 3.


Pet Changes

  • We've made substantial changes to the Pet System so as to allow for modifications to the Second Pet Mutation Perk on our website.
  • The Second Pet Mutation Perk now only works on pet's that have been mutated using the "Pet Mutation Perk".
    • Please note this change will not be in effect until the Mystic & Triumphus Servers are updated.
  • The Second Pet Mutation Perk now allows you to mutate your pet into all of the recently added pets. (Exactly like the Pet Mutation Perk)
    • Please note this change will not be in effect until the Mystic & Triumphus Servers are updated.



  • We have made some changes to the buff system, for the most part this should be totally unnoticeable by players and was simply necessary to introduce a new system into the game.
  • Please note these changes and simplifications to the buff system may have fixed a rare bug where users reported that their Buff would not run out. If users experience this bug again, please let us know.



  • We've added an option to quit quests.
  • This can be accomplished by opening your quest window (T Hotkey), and right clicking the quest you would like to quit.
  • Please note some quests are not able to be quit, because of how their reward system works.


Server Time

  • We've sped up the server's day/night cycle in the game by x5.
  • After being logged on for at most, 1 minute, players will now be able to see the servers real date/time by hovering their mouse at the top of their game window.


Bug Fixes

  • We've adjusted how players enter the game. We believe this change should reduce the amount of Critical Errors users experience when selecting their character and moving into the game world.
  • We've adjusted some code that should reduce the amount of "Disconnected Due to Network Error" that happens when players are lagging.
  • We've corrected the description on earrings from a 0.06% boost to a 0.006% boost.
  • We've corrected a localization issue with the Equipment Requirements NPC.
  • The Nexdge Protectors can now be repaired.


Loadout System

  • This is one of the most noteworthy changes that we are releasing, and we are really excited to introduce it to you all! 
  • We have developed a new cosmetic system for players. This new system will allow players to purchase and equip cosmetic loadouts for their character.
  • This means that you can change your characters appearance per equipment slot (or their entire body) using the cosmetic loadouts that you own.
  • All cosmetic loadout purchases are PERMANENT. You don't have to worry about them running out!
  • Loadouts are purchased for Turf Cash inside of the Cosmetic Loadouts menu.
  • You can access the Cosmetic Loadout Menu by clicking the new icon that appears on the far right when you click the "Menu" button.
  • When the Loadout Menu is open, you can see all the loadouts that are available for your character to purchase and/or to activate.
  • Please note that the "Full Body" loadouts will prevent ALL other loadouts from displaying (except for player weapons).
  • We will be releasing more loadouts in the future, but for now the following ones are being released...
  • On the Mystic Server…
    • We are releasing each of the "Gold" equipment items as loadouts. Please note that these do not have special effects and are ONLY for cosmetic purposes! These will not be going onto the Triumphus Server as the Liquid gold appearance was exclusive for Indiegogo contributors on that server.
  • On ALL Servers
    • We are releasing a "Full Body" loadout that transforms your character into a summer loving, swim suit wearing, badass.
    • We are releasing each of the "Demonic" equipment items as loadouts. Please note that these do not have special effects and are ONLY for cosmetic purposes!

Loadout GUI

Beach Loadout

  • Mystic Server
  • Triumphus Server

Player Rankings

Rank Name PK Points
1 STUCK_ON_U - Flex 5964
2 Jun - take_over 5167
3 Pure - Flex 2887
4 NO_0 - Death 2501
5 Pluto - Death 2476
6 HOB - SAINT 2343
7 Drop_The_World - Death 2338
8 NaiveBlue - Kingsman 2051
9 Catkin - Death 1962
10 xAryax - Flex 1873
11 SmiLe - Death 1494
12 DelLuNa - Flex 1489
13 Xiaoqq - Death 1418
14 Keal - Death 1254
15 CoolWind - SAINT 1074
16 Diarabi - Flex 1033
17 Cat - Death 1007
18 DalBong - OOOO 1006
19 Aso_Nozomi - Death 1001
20 K_A_M_I - Flex 977
21 OPenGG - Kingsman 960
22 Kazpyr - Death 946
23 Wise - Legends_Never_Die 911
24 Telankesi - Kingsman 858
25 Deleted - Flex 786
26 Hi - Grrrr 768
27 Fanta - SAINT 756
28 Roaring_Kitty - Grrrr 740
29 ByeByeBye - Flex 726
30 VeRN - _Homeless_ 688
31 Rio - Flex 668
32 Depths - Death 623
33 Annex - TrickOrTreat 612
34 OVER_9000_DEX - Legends_Never_Die 592
35 anaLog - Grrrr 572
36 ChampionVibe - Flex 545
37 buibuibui - Kingsman 537
38 Xavier - BRB_WIFE_ESCAPED 515
39 RazieL - Blood 508
40 Al0NS0 - 477
41 jupiler - _Homeless_ 465
42 DarkLanser - SAINT 460
43 Dyro - BellaCiao 453
44 Xsa - 430
45 StevieWonderBR - Kingsman 397
46 swat - AAA 392
47 AlONSO - Merciless 386
48 XiaoTY - 374
49 Loosey_Goosey - _Homeless_ 359
50 Cx_Attila - Blood 355

Tribe Rankings

Rank Name PK Points
1 Flex 17404
2 Death 17117
3 take_over 6092
4 SAINT 5032
5 Kingsman 5027
6 Grrrr 2167
7 Legends_Never_Die 1958
8 _Homeless_ 1679
9 TrickOrTreat 1268
10 Blood 1195