Triumphus Test Server

Hello everyone, many of you have voiced that you would like to see changes available on a public test server prior to them being released on the Triumphus and/or Mystic Server. Well, we listened and we are releasing the Test Server!


The server will be online soon (today), we're just running some final tests on our end. Please note that this first test server will be for the Triumphus Server, but it does have the same balance changes that would go to the Mystic Server (except for level 12 items of course) so both servers should be playing around on it :).

May 7th Updates

Thank you everyone for the initial round of feedback. The following changes are primarily based on player comments. and feedback.

  • Player Movement
    • For quite some time we've been limited to slow player position updating (due to the age of the game engine).
    • We've been looking into this issue for quite some time, and we believe we may have found a solution. We are releasing the first iteration of this fix on the test server. Players should easily notice that their party members, and PvP targets are all updating their locations much faster than on the other servers.
    • If everything goes well during testing, we will release it onto the Triumphus Server once it updates, and then the Mystic Server.


  • Bug Fixes
    • We've fixed an issue that prevented other users from seeing you changing your Running/Walking mode (until they were reloaded on your screen).
    • We've Fixed an issue that was preventing some events from properly starting on the test server (like FL War).
    • We've reduced the amounts of disconnects that may happen due to an optimization we made for the test server. If there are still be some disconnects, we just need to fine tune the settings.
    • We've fixed an issue with the new movement system that caused the server to crash.
    • We've fixed an issue with the Unlock Masters and Unlock Transformation NPC options on the Test server that prevented you from learning master skills.
    • We've made it so no instances have required quests while on the Test Server.


  • Balance Changes
    •  General
      • +9 Grade 11 Items have been decreased by 5 Physical defense per piece. The reason for this is that G12 16/16 gear is currently at these levels and much harder to make 16/16.
    • Blue/Red Mages
      • The Ablaze Staff has had an overall AP reduction of 700 when statting MSA This is averaged over stat levels 1-20.
      • Red Mages and Blue Mages now gain 1 HP per vitality point after 628 vit. This reduces their overall HP by 1000 at level 350.
      • Red Magician and Blue Magician G12 Body Pieces (Ablaze and Glacies) Have had their defense buff reverted by 12 points.
      • Silence Aura has had its radius reduced by 40%.
    • Archers
      • Archers have been given more HP at 1200 Vitality (5 per VIT) and 1 HP per vit above that. This ensures that level 254 archers can survive.
    • Buff Changes
      • Zombie Orc blood is now fixed for levels 350, and has a lower cooldown of 70 seconds.
      • Zombie orc blood 201+ now has a 30 second cooldown.


  • NPC Changes
    • The Pet AP Replacement buff is now available in the Items Store.
    • A "Super Upgraded Merchant" Has been added and will sell you 16/16 items.
    • Eonic Weapons are now available at 6/6/6/6 stats.
    • A Master Skill Unlocker and Transformation Skill Unlocker has been added to the game.
    • A Materials Merchant has been added to the game.
    • Instance Coins have been added to the items npc.
    • A Fantastic Gems merchant has been added to the game.
    • An NPC has been added to adjust your Fame level on the test server.
    • The super upgraded store now has 16/16/16 accord bodies


Original Patch Notes

Test Server General Information

  • The test server will be online for 1-3 days before each game balance updates or major changes are released.
  • Players will be able to comment on the changes that are made on the test server, prior to them being released on the live servers. In doing so, comments that make sense or have a clear majority census throughout the game’s population would be implemented during those 1-3 days that the test server is online.
  • While players are welcome to test all changes, there should be a higher emphases on the balance changes (as this was the primary reason of the Test Server).
  • Anybody can access the test server during each of the 1-3 days that it is online.
  • Please keep in mind that system changes or updates deemed to be a must-have/emergency (these don’t happen very often) may bypass the test server procedure and be pushed immediately to the servers.
  • Players will be able to use the Beta Test NPC’s that were available during the Mystic Server Test server period whilst the Test Server is online.
  • Patch notes will be posted when the Test Server goes online.
  • We currently do not have a set schedule for testing periods and we will be opening the server as need be per update.


Why did it take so long?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, our server providers (the guys who host the game on their server computers) are delayed with their orders. We decided to wait to see if our order would be processed by the time the update was ready, but it was not. After waiting an additional week, we’ve decided to release the first test server on an older machine while we wait for the new server be setup for us (just so we can get the servers updated sooner rather than later).

In addition, the actual update for the Triumphus server took a lot of work and modifications to how the game loads configurations. We had to make these changes so that the Triumphus Server & Mystic Server could be easily updated and managed with different versions of their configurations for this and future updates.


What’s changed during this test server period?

  • Logging Out in PvP Zones
    • Over the lifespan of all versions of Turf Battles, there have been players who would close their client rather than lose 1 PK point or be caught being killed by another player. We have always found this to be a very un-sportsmanship form of conduct. Awhile ago, we made it so users couldn’t logout or go to the lobby while in these zones.
    • Unfortunately, some players continued to do this by closing their client using external tools (such as Task Manager). It’s taken some work, but we have now fixed that.
    • Players who disconnect from the game while in an area that allows for PK Point or Soul Charm loss will now remain in game for 20 seconds after their client disconnects.
    • During these 20 seconds: they can be PKed, will lose pk points (and the person who PKed them will of course gain a PK point and/or soul shards), will appear in the PvPChannel as being killed, and will be unable to log back into the server until those 20 seconds have expired.
    • Please note that if you logout in an area that lets you (such as in Ladianes city) this change will not affect you at all… However, if you are one of the ones who close your clients… you might start to see your pk points drop pretty fast.


  • Soccer Event
    • The first five members of a party who win the Soccer Event will now automatically receive their prizes directly into their inventory when the Soccer Crystal is killed.
    • This means that players will no longer be teleported to the Forbidden Islands to kill a chest in order to get a reward (in fact those chests have been removed).
    • This change was made so as to prevent users from being tempted to go under the map to steal chests during the event.


  • AP Charms
    • Once an AP Charm reaches level 1000 (max level), it can be unlocked using the “Trade Item Unlocker” item from the Turf Shop (this is how this system already works on the Mystic Server).
    • We have now made it so if you unlock the Charm ONCE while it is max level, it will no longer lock during future trades.
    • Charms that are not maxed, will continue to lock after each trade.


  • HP Diminishing Returns
    • We have added the ability to layer our diminishing return values.
    • This means that, if need be, we can add multiple diminishing return values for a player’s health quite easily.
    • For example (this was not added and is JUST an example) if we want we can make blades get 5HP per VIT from 1-500 VIT, 4HP per VIT from 501-600 VIT, 3HP from 601-900 VIT, 1HP from 901+ VIT.
    • Please see balance changes for any implemented changes to player HP & current Diminishing Return values.


  • New Instance
    • We have added a new instance for levels 280-300. This new instance will NOT give more EXP than FL, nor will it have drops like in FL.
    • It was added solely to provide players who lost the FL war, an area in which they can still progress in terms of EXP.


  • Nation Resets
    • Nation Registration will now reset immediately after a Frozenland War.
    • When this happens, players will receive a message saying that the Nation Registry has reset and that they must register before the next war.
    • This provides all users with several hours to register.
    • When players login who can join the FL War are not registered, they will receive a message saying they can go register.
    • Please note that when the Nation Registry is reset you will NOT lose your current nation. Your nation will now only change when a FL War starts. You will simply not be registered for the next war.
    • In a nutshell, this means players who win the FL war don’t have to worry about nation resets anymore as they will continue to be allowed to level but must register afterwards.


  • Miscellaneous Changes
    • We have removed the nation glows for players when they are inside Frozenland and/or Hau. This change was made because this feature was no longer needed with the addition of the war icons many patches ago. In addition, it will aid in reducing screen latency for players.
    • Almost every single type of server configuration file has been modified so as to make maintaining different versions easy. Players should not notice any issues in game because of this, but if you do please report it.
    • Items that are locked after trading now have that information added to their description.
    • Players will only require level 100 Blacksmithing now to craft level 12 items (not 100 Blacksmithing, 100 Refining, and 100 Potion Brewing).


  • Balance Changes
    • Blade Warriors
      • Blade Warriors now gain 1.7 HP per VIT instead of 3.0 when 650 VIT is reached. This is to bring high level blades in-line with all other classes. Players use the Blade Warrior as an offensive class, as such, Blade Warriors have the highest effective physical AP obtainable in the game. It makes sense to put their HP down to levels that match other classes.
    • Fist Warriors
      • Fist Warriors now gain 1HP per strength point instead of 1.8HP per strength point at 600 Strength. This is to prevent full strength Fists from gaining HP equivalent to a Blade Warrior.
    • Archers
      • Archers now gain 7.55 HP per Vitality point until 628 Vitality and then reduces to 3 HP per Vitality point. This is to ensure that the same HP is reached at 160 due to diminishing returns kicking in at 628 Vitality. This has the effect of reducing the HP of archers at 300 and not 160. This should keep 160 PvP viable.
      • Archers G12 Aplite Sleevelets have been reduced by 5 Defense each. This is to make Archers a little squishier at level 300-350.
      • The Aplite Bow has been given a total AP boost of 2000 when upgraded. This is to combat the high defenses that currently exist.
    • Red Magicians
      • The Ablaze Staff has received a total AP boost of 800 when upgraded. This is to also combat the high magical defenses that exist.
      • The Ablaze Garment has had its Defense increased by 12. This is to provide a little more survivability because the viability of mages in the current meta is questionable.
    • Blue Magicians
      • The Glacies Stick has received a total AP boost of 800 when upgraded. This is to also combat the high magical defenses that exist.
      • The Glacies Gown has had its Defense increased by 12. This is to provide a little more survivability because the viability of mages in the current meta is questionable.
    • General Gear Changes
      • Magic Defense of +9 G11 gear and the base magical defense of G12 gear has been reduced by 8. This is to ensure that at level 300 with the higher HP levels, mages can still compete in PvP.
    • Buffs / Debuffs
      • Battle Cry has had its duration increased from 30 seconds to 45 seconds at level 10. The reasoning behind this change is that Blade Warriors typically struggle to catch up to enemies without dying, this change will ensure that blade warriors do not need to worry about the long run to a player when Battle Cry has been activated.
      • The G12 Debuff “Marked for Death” Now reduces your Defense by 5% instead of 10%. This change was made to prevent archers becoming a pure support class and debuffing for other melee classes.
      • The G12 Buff “Enraged Warrior” now gives a 16% attack power bonus when triggered. The idea behind this change was to give melee classes bursts of high damage instead of consistent high damage. This means that if you want to have reliable damage, you should use an Edge Protector, but if you want to take a risk, you should use the Acord Protector with an Acord Gauntlet.


  • Bug Fixes
    • We fixed an issue that caused users who were online for large periods of time, without restarting their clients, to be “Disconnected Due to Network Error”.
    • We found and fixed an issue where under very unique circumstances items with a 100% drop rate did not drop. This was mostly only occurring during Soccer Events as the issue was not with the item itself, but with the Drop Table (list of items that can drop).

  • Mystic Server
  • Triumphus Server

Player Rankings

Rank Name PK Points
1 empress_ - Level 5173
2 CoolWind - Zero 4923
3 _Sky_ - Renegade 4396
4 Impact - Zero 4197
5 Shina - Renegade 4044
6 xAryax - Zero 3850
7 Djaul - Zero 3747
8 NeverOnline - No_Call_Come_pvp 3728
9 Elapse - Death 3297
10 Dynamix - Lifeline 3253
11 P1uto - Death 3162
12 Pure - 2887
13 Grenen - Zero 2635
14 Pluto - Death 2480
15 R2D2_ - Renegade 2476
16 Rio - ReNaiSsanCe 2250
17 HeiZe - _shard_ 2218
18 Iskall - Zero 2173
19 SharpScythe - Kingsman 2007
20 Chunbae_ONG - Renegade 1922
21 Rolo - 1893
22 Deleted - Flex 1817
23 Deadly - Renegade 1780
24 ExpLosioN - SAINT 1773
25 Angeles - Renegade 1751
26 OLOY - Zero 1656
27 Xiaoqq - Death 1418
28 TeRmiNaTeR - take_over 1353
29 mama_ - take_over 1322
30 TimeisGold - ArChEr 1317
31 Keal - Death 1302
32 iFallenKing - Sunguard 1229
34 EnbaSira - Level 1131
35 JEWISH_DOCTOR - Lifeline 1106
36 Brady - _shard_ 1087
37 NPC - CPN 1084
38 TIK - ReNaiSsanCe 1054
39 64CM - Zero 1038
40 Cat - Death 1007
41 DoubleMay - Renegade 1003
42 Aso_Nozomi - Death 998
43 Boy - 951
44 Kazpyr - Lifeline 949
45 xiaoTY - Death 921
46 ProM - 881
47 papa_ - take_over 784
48 javon - REDCROSS 778
49 BUT - SAINT 743
50 Roaring_Kitty - Legion 740

Tribe Rankings

Rank Name PK Points
1 Zero 27770
2 Renegade 18690
3 Death 15221
4 Level 6304
5 Lifeline 6186
6 take_over 4730
7 ReNaiSsanCe 4178
8 No_Call_Come_pvp 3728
9 _shard_ 3461
10 SAINT 2790