Development Diary #1

Development Diary

Welcome everyone to our first development diary series. Over the past few months, we have been working around the clock to push multiple new projects into fruition, as well as maintaining and upgrading our existing servers/services. The primary focus around these changes is to prepare for a large release on the Steam platform, but also to increase the gaming experience for our already existing userbase. Bringing all these projects together has been a difficult task, but we are finally ready to share with everyone our progress and talk about some of the things we have planned for both Turf Battles and Eonic Games.


A Change in Scenery

Turf Battles has been around for a long time, we thought it was time to upgrade the client to a more graphically appealing version! Over the past few months, we have been working on upgrading our servers to be compatible with a newer version of the Turf Battles client. This upgrade is an ongoing project, but we would like to present to you the future of Turf Battles.

The Future of Turf Battles


Compatible Launcher

This new client requires that the game be started using a launcher. This is one of the reasons why we have been working on the new Eonic Games Launcher. The work for the launcher was being outsourced to another company so that we could focus our efforts on developing the other changes listed in this diary.

Eonic Games Launcher


Re-Developing New Systems

We put a lot of work into our current client and added some pretty amazing systems/features. Unfortunately, we had to re-develop many of these new systems in order for them to be compatible with the new client. In addition to this, we had to re-implement all of the wonderful new items that we’ve created over the years. The following are short clips of each of the systems we’ve already re-developed.


New Features

Short Clip

Cosmetic Loadouts

Same as in current Turf Battles.

Pet System

The Pet Icon interface has changed and now also shows the pets current EXP by filling the black orb with green.


Same as in current Turf Battles.


Inventory Rework

We’ve reworked the inventory system on a very large scale. This new system was essential for the release of our new client as it fixes various complaints users had in the past (such as moving an item on itself) as well as making it much easier for us to add new content revolving around the item/inventory system. We’ve already discussed these changes in past news articles, but one feature we will be adding thanks to these changes is additional inventories! This specific change will be covered in a future diary.


A Broad Overview

We wanted to provide everyone with a short clip that shows a variety of the new systems we’ve been developing at once. The following video demonstrates the quest system, the combat system, the stat system, alert system, and some smaller systems (such as showing off NPC titles, chat notifications, etc.).


General Questions/Answers

  • What kind of information will be addressed/shown during these development diaries?
    • We will be providing users with a comprehensive overview on the work that has been done throughout that 2-week period.
    • Players can expect to see detailed descriptions of the work being done, as well as short clips displaying functionality, images, etc.
    • In addition, we may address common questions, suggestions, and feedback provided by you, the players.


  • How often can we expect to see a development diary to be released?
    • We are planning to release a new development diary once every 2 weeks.
    • This timeline may change once the game itself has been released


  • When will all this be released?
    • It’s still too early for us to give you an exact date, but once we have this information for you it will be announced in one of our development diaries!

  • Mystic Server
  • Triumphus Server

Player Rankings

Rank Name PK Points
1 S - Grrrr 5420
2 Jun - BTCtothemoon 5167
3 Pure - MOTHERLAND 2857
4 NO_0 - Death 2136
5 Alexandre - MOTHERLAND 2110
6 Pluto - Death 1857
7 Elapse - Death 1668
8 P1uto - Death 1543
9 SmiLe - Death 1494
10 NaiveBlue - Death 1457
11 Xiaoqq - Merciless 1418
12 xAryax - MOTHERLAND 1382
13 DemonesS - Just_For_Fun 1011
14 Cat - Death 1007
15 Aso_Nozomi - Death 1001
16 Keal - Death 992
17 HeiZe - Grrrr 961
18 Wise - MOTHERLAND 911
19 Bizon - MOTHERLAND 866
20 Roaring_Kitty - Flex 715
21 StevieWonderBR - 705
22 VeRN - _Homeless_ 685
23 Slacker - MOTHERLAND 655
24 Depths - Death 626
25 Annex - Elysian 612
26 OVER_9000_DEX - Legends_Never_Die 592
28 OPenGG - Death 575
29 Deleted - MOTHERLAND 572
30 anaLog - Grrrr 562
31 Kazpyr - 526
32 Xavier - BRB_WIFE_ESCAPED 515
33 RazieL - Blood 508
34 Al0NS0 - Death 477
35 buibuibui - Death 475
36 jupiler - _Homeless_ 465
37 Dyro - BellaCiao 453
38 LokTar - Death 432
39 Rio - MOTHERLAND 399
40 AlONSO - Merciless 394
41 xX - SAINT 390
42 swat - AAA 385
43 Loosey_Goosey - _Homeless_ 359
44 Cx_Attila - Blood 356
45 ZENESIS - take_over 337
46 Asura - HONEY 306
47 Riptide - Kingsman 304
48 Cain - 297
49 Convict - Unstable 284
50 Dynamix - Legends_Never_Die 279

Tribe Rankings

Rank Name PK Points
1 Death 16186
3 Grrrr 6949
4 BTCtothemoon 5265
5 Merciless 1924
6 _Homeless_ 1687
7 Blood 1196
8 Just_For_Fun 1160
9 EpidemiC 1065
10 Kingsman 939