Clonium Equipment Test Server

Today we are starting up the test server with nearly all the content changes that are to be expected on both the Triumphus & Mystic servers. The following patch notes describe the content being added and the differences in content between the two servers.


Before we begin, we would like to outline a few things…

  • Due to popular demand from our original post there has been some adjustments to the content. The primary change (which in turn resulted in other changes) is that Clonium equipment has been adjusted to be for level 275+.
  • For some of you, these notes might be a bit redundant as the previous news article described many of these changes. However, there have been some changes since that post, so read carefully!
  • The Test Server is currently being set to the Triumphus Server. However, the stats, upgrade rates, drop rates, and exp values (of the new content) are the same on both Mystic & Triumphus. Thus, you will be able to test the content based on your server by simply choosing to set your level to either 300 or 350 in Ladianes.
  • Our key concerns when it comes to testing revolves around balance, rates (such as EXP and drop rates). If you have concerns about these (even if it’s not directly about the new content), voice it. For example, if you have ideas on how to improve the Fist Warrior class, without making it over powered.
  • The point of the Test Server is to test the content and provide feedback on your experience. Do you like what you see? Do you have ideas or concerns? Feel free to post any of this feedback in a Support Ticket, on the Forums, or on our Discord!
  • There were LOTS of changes, we might have forgot some in this news article. If we notice we forgot something, we’ll add it.


Mystic Server Changes

  • Adjustments from Previous News Article - Based on player feedback and popular demand, the following changes have been made to the Mystic Server Content in the upcoming patch.
    • Level 350 – The max level will continue to be level 300, not level 350.
    • Catastropha Island, Catastropha Cavern, Catastropha Room – All three of these have been removed from the Mystic Server as the max level is still level 300.


All Server Changes

  • Clonium Equipment
    • Clonium Equipment will be for levels 275+.
    • As outlined in previous articles and forum posts, the new g13 set will be using a similar stat system to level 1-10/level 12 items. However, we have removed stats that are uncommonly used (such as Mana Regen), which should allow for each item to be easily given “perfect stats”. The following is a list of all available stats:
      • Physical Weapons: Physical Skill Attack, Physical Attack, Critical Rate, Hit Rate
      • Magic Weapons: Magic Skill Attack, Magic Attack, Min Damage, Max Damage
      • Shields: Block Rate, Hit Rate, Defense Against Magic, Strength
      • Physical Chests Pieces: Defense, Defense Against Magic, Vitality, Critical Rate
      • Magic Chest Pieces: Defense, Defense Against Magic, Vitality, Magic Stat (Red or Blue depending on your class)
      • All Others: Defense, Defense Against Magic, Strength, Dexterity
    • Similar to level 12 items, stats will be able to be upgraded up to level 20 and will have similar success rates to level 12 items. Please keep in mind that reduced possibility of unwanted stats does make it easier to progress through equipment upgrading.
    • As per player feedback, we have created a total of 2 new gems (each with a Supreme and Fantastic counterpart) that are to be used for upgrading the new items. These gems can only be used on the Clonium equipment.
      • Clonium Gem
      • Clonium Choice Gem
      • Supreme Clonium Gem
      • Supreme Clonium Choice Gem
      • Fantastic Clonium Gem
      • Fantastic Clonium Choice Gem
    • In order to maintain the value of Sephiroth & Sephiroth Choice gems throughout all level brackets, players will still be able to use Sephiroth & Sephiroth Choice gems to upgrade level 13 equipment (if they want), but only up to level 12 and they will have a 20% less success rate than the Clonium gems. This means that using these gems results in NO safety stat while using non-Clonium gems.
    • One of the main concerns players voiced when it came to level 12 equipment, was that the crafting system was complex in nature and the only efficient way to create level 12 equipment. Due to this fact, we have made level 13 equipment able to be obtained through one of two methods:
      • Monster Drops – All level 13 items will be able to be dropped within Delphiroth Floor 5 and through different boss-based events.
      • Crafting – The crafting mechanics behind level 13 items have been drastically simplified in comparison to the other crafting systems. Players will only need to find one type of material, Clonium Essence, in order to craft a level 13 item.
    • Clonium Set Effects
      • We had a hard time finding the right set effects to add to these sets. The reason being that G12 items have some effects that are essential to regular PvP.
      • For this reason, some set effects that exist in g12 set also exist in g13 sets. However, the g13 sets have a higher application rate and/or effectiveness than the g12 sets (so they are better).
      • The following is a list of all the effects by class:
        • Kronos Set (Blade Warrior)
          • Weapon=Sword + Shield: When you hit a target, there is a chance to activate the 'Enraged Warrior' buff (increases your AP by 16%).
          • Level2=2 Set Items: Increase HP by 200.
          • Level3=3 Set Items: Increase Defense by 2%.
          • Level4=4 Set Items: When you hit a target with Soul Blade, there is a 50% chance to activate the 'Stone Feet' debuff (prevents movement).
          • Level5=5 Set Items: Reduce the cooldown of all Master/Transformation skills by 15%.
        • Hyperion Set (Fist Warrior)
          • Weapon=Gauntlet + Protector: When you hit a target there is a chance to activate the 'Enraged Warrior' buff (increases your AP by 16%).
          • Level2=2 Set Items: Increase HP by 200.
          • Level3=3 Set Items: Increase AP by 100.
          • Level4=4 Set Items: When you hit a target with Soul Fist, there is a 50% chance to activate the 'Stone Feet' debuff (prevents movement).
          • Level5=5 Set Items: Reduce the cooldown of all Master/Transformation skills by 15%.
        • Artemis Set (Archer)
          • Weapon=Bow: When you hit a target with Fiend, there is a 20% chance to activate the 'Marked for Death' debuff (reduces the targets defense).
          • Level2=2 Set Items: Increase HP by 200.
          • Level3=3 Set Items: Increase AP by 100.
          • Level4=4 Set Items: When stunned, there is a 45% chance to break free.
          • Level5=5 Set Items: Reduce the cooldown of all Master/Transformation skills by 15%.
        • Helios Set (Red Mage)
          • Weapon=Staff: When you hit a target using Flame Edge or Burst Edge, there is a 20% chance to activate the 'Red Touch' debuff (reduces the targets magic defense).
          • Level2=2 Set Items: Increase HP by 100.
          • Level3=3 Set Items: Increase Magic AP by 100.
          • Level4=4 Set Items: When being mana stolen, there is a 40% chance to avoid losing mana.
          • Level5=5 Set Items: Reduce the cooldown of all Master/Transformation skills by 15%.
        • Boreas Set (Blue Mage)
          • Weapon=Stick: When you hit a target with Ice Crystal, there is a 25% chance to double your damage.
          • Level2=2 Set Items: Increase HP by 100.
          • Level3=3 Set Items: Increase Magic AP by 100.
          • Level4=4 Set Items: When being mana stolen, there is a 40% chance to avoid losing mana.
          • Level5=5 Set Items: Reduce the cooldown of all Master/Transformation skills by 15%.


  • Pet Island & Pets
    • Human and Nephilim alike should be weary on this island as the ghost pets roaming around do not take kindly to their unwelcome presence.
    • Pet Island is a level 275+ island and it will be the only island that can be used to farm Clonium gems and Clonium Essence.
    • Monsters will also have the possibility of dropping Magic, Sorcery, and divine (and normal Seph/SC) gems as these are needed to place stats on Clonium Equipment.
    • Pet Island will be excluded from the Island Rotation System.
    • We have added a new Pet Mutation Pet, the Hellhound.Hellhound


  • Island System Bracket 5
    • The Bracket 5 island has now been set to levels 200-274, instead of 200-300.
    • This is to allow for the new Pet Island Turf to be for levels 275+.


  • Delphiroth Floor 5
    • Delphiorth Floor 5 is being added into the game.
    • This zone will be a strictly 275+ area and will be the only area in which you can farm level 13 equipment from monsters.
    • The area will also serve as another alternative levelling area for this level bracket.
    • In addition, monsters will have chances to drop the previously discussed Clonium gems (with lower rates than on Pet Island, of course).
    • You can enter this zone either through the Floor 4 doors or by using a Delphiroth Floor 5 scroll from the TC shop.
    • Please note the air in Delphiroth Floor 5 is toxic and you will need have a Global Anti-Toxin Pill buff active if you don’t want to be damaged for 1000 damage every second. These pills can be found in V4 or V5, purchased from Yuba, or purchased from the TC shop.


  • Quests
    • Turf Battles always reaches a point where players are, for the most part, high levels. As a result, it can be tough for new players to catch up in terms of levels. Not only this, but it can be a little confusing. We've developed quest lines that better educate new players on the mechanics of the games, the different systems, and how to progress. These quest lines should make users able to solo level (if they so choose) from levels 1 - 160.
    • During the 1-100 quest line, the new NPC’s involved will have “Level 1-100 Quest Line” next to their names.


  • Class Changes
    • We have added Class Change tokens to the Subscription Shop.
    • These tokens will change your characters class, as well as automatically:
      • Restat your stat points
      • Change your race, if needed
      • Change your hair, if needed
      • Mail all your equipped items to your mail box
      • Convert your Basic Skills
      • Convert your Master/Transformation Skills


  • Back-End Changes
    • There has been a large re-work of most of our systems. The primary goal of this is to improve the efficiency of the server as well as fix various bugs/issues and pave the way for additional (easier to implement) changes in the future. For example, we have shifted how items are used to a new more efficient system.
    • We noted many of these changes in our previous post, so we won’t go into additional detail regarding the subject.
    • However, back-end changes continue to be implemented and if anyone notices any issues/bugs… please let us know and we will look into them.


  • MiniMaps
    • We have added Minimaps to Rampao dungeons, Delphiroth dungeons, and color zones.
    • Enjoy :)


  • Other
    • Players will no longer be removed from their parties when the Frozenland War and/or Hau Event starts.
    • During the Frozenland War/Hau Event and while players are in Frozenland/Hau, players will now be able to PvP the opposite nation regardless of if they are in their party or in another tribe.
    • We have disabled the Trading Post as it has received little activity/support. It might return in the future.


Test Server Notes

  • New Quest Line
    • We have a few adjustments left to make on the new quest line, rather than give everyone an almost finished quest line we have decided to release the quests onto the test server a few days after the test server is released.
  • Clonium Testing Stores
    • We know that everyone would like to just jump in and purchase pre-made Clonium equipment to test with, but the drop rates involving these items is something we want players to test and provide feedback on.
    • For this reason, we have decided to disable the Beta Clonium NPC Stores for the first 2-3 days of the test server. After this, we will add both Clonium Equipment & Clonium Gems to the stores.
  • Production Systems
    • We've decided to remake the production systems so that they are all done from within 1 system (instead of 1 system for production skills (level 1-10 items, 1 system for level 12, and 1 system for level 13).
    • This will also simplify the process of creating items through Blacksmithing & Potion Brewing, as well as crafting level 12 items on the Triumphus Server.
    • We've been working on this, but there's quite a bit of work to do. We're expecting to have this functionality out on the Test Server either later this weekend or early next week.
    • For this reason, you won't be able to crafting Clonium items until then (but they can be farmed in V5 and after 2-3 days they will be able to be bought from stores).
  • Hellhound Pet
    • This pet will not be available until this update goes onto the live server.


November 14 Patches

  • Fixed a server crash.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented pet eggs from hatching.
  • Reduced G13 drop rate in Delphiroth Floor 5.
  • Increased Clonium & Clonium Choice drop rate on Pet Island.
  • Added Potion Merchant to Delphiroth Floor 5.
  • Fixed Max Level Requirement for Bracket 5 Island, it is now 274.


November 15 Patches

  • Fixed Optional Damage
  • Disabled FL War on Test Server
  • Fixed Bug Where Users Stats Reset on Login
  • Added Nextdge Protector to Beta Stores
  • Catastropha Island is now able to be entered on all 3 Channels ONLY for the Test Server
    • On Channel 1 it is up to level 350.
    • On Channel 2/3 it is up to level 300.

November 16 Patches

We've been reading everyones feedback over the last 3 days and we like how much we've been getting. If some your suggestions/comments weren't taken into account in this patch please be patient, we're working on it!

  • Class Change
    • Fixed a bug where the class change didn't restat you with the correct stat points.
    • Cosmetic Loadouts now convert to the equivilant version for the new class (when possible). If a conversion is not possible (the class you are changing to has no equivilant cosmetic item), you will still own the cosmetic loadout but it will only be visible if you switch back to that class or to a class that has an equivilant ladout.
    • We have added Demonic Throne Garb & Demonic Sephiroth armor to Cosmetic Loadouts (for archer/blade/fist).
  • Beta Features
    • We've added Clonium Gems & Clonium Choice Gems to the Jewelery & Gem Beta NPC.
    • We've added a Clonium Equipment NPC.
    • We've added a new Level Up NPC that can let you set your level to anywhere from 275-300.
    • The "Special Command NPC" can now unlock all your basic skills.
  • Pet Island
    • We have doubled the amount of monsters on Pet Island.
    • We have reduced the drop rate of Clonium Gems by 5%.
  • Delphiroth Floor 5
    • EXP of each monster has been increased by 30%.
    • Monster AP has been increased by roughly 30%.
    • Clonium Gem drop rates has been increased on normal monsters by x2.
    • Quantity of Physical attacking monsters has been increased by 50%.
    • Monsters are now empowered.
  • Clonium Items
    • We gave soread the stat bonuses of safe-stat levels into non-safe stat levels.
    • This means that safe stat levels now reward you with less bonuses, but once you reach non-safe stat levels you will see higher rewards.
    • This change was to make it so Clonium items don't replace G11/G12 items so easily (requires going above safe stat levels).
    • Magic Defense of Protectors/Shields has been roughly doubled.
    • Fixed a bug with "Stone Feet" that caused players to continue running (in some cases) after the debuff was applied.
  • Catastropha Island
    • Catastropha Island now drops Clonium Gems & Clonium Choice Gems.
  • Speed Bug
    • We've added some debugging to help find the cause of a bug that causes move speed to increase.

November 17

  • Server State
    • Server has been switched to match the Mystic Server conditions.
    • All Triumphus only items have been removed.
    • All characters that were level 350, are now level 300 (as a result you might have to restat).
    • All Triumphus only NPC's have been removed.
  • Stone Feet Changes
    • Fixed a bug that caused players to be unable to attack while Stone Feet is active.
    • Fixed a bug that caused some Nephilim players to crash when trying to attack with Stone Feet active.
    • Stone Feet proc rate has been reduced to 30%.
  • Other
    • Class Change Tokens can be sold to NPCs now.
    • Fixed a bug that caused characters Race/Class to switch back after a Class Change and the server restarts.
    • Removed the duplicate Red Mage Class Change Token from the Sub store.
    • Fixed hair on Demonic Sephiroth Armor & Demonic Throne Garb
    • Fixed issue that caused server to lockup when adding stats to Helios & Boreas armors.
    • Stat Requirements NPC has been updated with correct Clonium requirements.
    • Artemis Sandal positioning has been adjusted slightly for a better fit.
  • Clonium Equipment
    • Base MDEF on each Clonium Equipment increased by 3.
  • Beta Changes
    • Clonium Gem Pouches added to beta stores.
    • Blind Maker was moved to the Archer tab.

  • Mystic Server
  • Triumphus Server

Player Rankings

Rank Name PK Points
1 STUCK_ON_U - Flex 5964
2 Jun - take_over 5167
3 Pure - Flex 2887
4 NO_0 - Death 2501
5 Pluto - Death 2476
6 HOB - SAINT 2343
7 Drop_The_World - Death 2338
8 NaiveBlue - Kingsman 2051
9 Catkin - Death 1962
10 xAryax - Flex 1873
11 SmiLe - Death 1494
12 DelLuNa - Flex 1489
13 Xiaoqq - Death 1418
14 Keal - Death 1254
15 CoolWind - SAINT 1074
16 Diarabi - Flex 1033
17 Cat - Death 1007
18 DalBong - OOOO 1006
19 Aso_Nozomi - Death 1001
20 K_A_M_I - Flex 977
21 OPenGG - Kingsman 960
22 Kazpyr - Death 946
23 Wise - Legends_Never_Die 911
24 Telankesi - Kingsman 858
25 Deleted - Flex 786
26 Hi - Grrrr 768
27 Fanta - SAINT 756
28 Roaring_Kitty - Grrrr 740
29 ByeByeBye - Flex 726
30 VeRN - _Homeless_ 688
31 Rio - Flex 668
32 Depths - Death 623
33 Annex - TrickOrTreat 612
34 OVER_9000_DEX - Legends_Never_Die 592
35 anaLog - Grrrr 572
36 ChampionVibe - Flex 545
37 buibuibui - Kingsman 537
38 Xavier - BRB_WIFE_ESCAPED 515
39 RazieL - Blood 508
40 Al0NS0 - 477
41 jupiler - _Homeless_ 465
42 DarkLanser - SAINT 460
43 Dyro - BellaCiao 453
44 Xsa - 430
45 StevieWonderBR - Kingsman 397
46 swat - AAA 392
47 AlONSO - Merciless 386
48 XiaoTY - 374
49 Loosey_Goosey - _Homeless_ 359
50 Cx_Attila - Blood 355

Tribe Rankings

Rank Name PK Points
1 Flex 17404
2 Death 17117
3 take_over 6092
4 SAINT 5032
5 Kingsman 5027
6 Grrrr 2167
7 Legends_Never_Die 1958
8 _Homeless_ 1679
9 TrickOrTreat 1268
10 Blood 1195